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Direct marketing is all about analytics. Professional direct marketers know that the more closely you track, the more data you have to optimize and thus improve ROI for future campaigns. Understanding and harmonizing this data creates real efficiencies and cost-savings, which is why direct marketers have become some the most advanced analytics experts of any industry.

In traditional direct mail and marketing there are limits to what you can track. You can track who called in or who fulfilled that coupon or who sent in the business reply card. But what about the people who don't fully convert? What about the people who are interested but didn't commit? How do you track the level of engagement on a 1:1 basis?

That's where your private labeled Easypurl.com reporting dashboard comes in. Your Easypurl.com analytics and reporting dashboard allows you to track and analyze your direct mail campaigns down to the individual person and across multiple key performance indicators. This allows you to discover information about your direct marketing campaigns that were just not possible to know before.

Analyzing a direct marketing campaign the old fashion way versus using the Easypurl.com dashboard is like trying to get across country in a horse and buggy with the general directions to travel West versus driving a Ferrari with a GPS. You might get there, but you sure won't get there fast and you have a 50/50 chance of even getting to the right place at all.

Not only can you have access to this level of reporting, you can offer a branded reporting portal for your clients, management or staff as well. Use your branded reports and the analytics engine to get the latest and most detailed reporting you've ever had on your direct marketing campaigns – and get it now, not three weeks from now! With the Easypurl.com reporting dashboard true visibility of your direct marketing campaigns is finally within reach.

PURL Tracking

The Easypurl.com reporting dashboard allows users of all skill levels to quickly and easily gather the most up to date information in their marketing campaigns. Our campaign summaries take the guesswork out of what's happening in your campaigns, for example:

Landing Page Tracking

Landing page tracking enables marketers and analytics professionals of all skill levels to quickly and easily get the information they need to make informed business decisions. Our Landing page reporting and analytics allow on the fly and after the fact optimization of your landing page campaigns, for example:

Survey Analysis

A PURL based survey is 1/3 the cost of a phone bank survey and much more accurate. You can take advantage of the incredible power and accuracy of these PURL based surveys. Analyze survey and form information at a glance or in incredible detail with our Form Analysis Reports.

Email Tracking

Email marketing can be a matter of inches or miles. Knowing exactly what is going on with your email campaigns is a key factor in ensuring proper optimization in your next campaign:

Postal Tracking

Easypurl.com has partnered with the US Postal Service to bring you revolutionary tracking of the deliverability of your direct mail. Knowing who received your mail and when they received it gives you transparency on your mail deliverability that you have never had before. Some of the things you can see:

Inbound SMS Tracking

With Inbound SMS from Easypurl, we can provision a short-code that enables recipients to respond to your direct mail quickly and easily using only their SMS-enabled phones. Our Inbound SMS Tracking Reports then accumulate results, allowing you to:

Inbound Call Tracking

Easypurl features Call Tracking and Recording capabilities that can be fully integrated alongside your other multichannel marketing efforts. With Easypurl’s Inbound Call Tracking Reports, you can:

Private Labeled Reporting Dashboard

Make our Dashboard your Dashboard. When you're presenting the results of the campaign you have worked hard to create for your client, you want to get all the credit. The reporting dashboard allows you to offer your client all of the reporting and analytics you have access to branded with your logo. All of the reports presentations have your name on them and are ready for you to print out and walk into a meeting with. This reduces the confusion and presents the data as coming from one person... You!

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