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One-to-One [1:1] Integrated Marketing Platform

Easypurl is a fully featured and easy to use marketing platform for Direct, Database, CRM and Loyalty Marketers


Create unique, Personalized URLs and QR Codes for every prospect and customer for true 1:1 marketing.

Every prospect or customer sees messaging with their name alongside your brand – stimulating response by creating a meaningful connection with your marketing messages.

Personalized URLs
Personalized QR Codes

One-to-One Content

Our sophisticated personalization engine is simple to use –– making the delivery of 1:1 experiences for each target a walk in the park.

Create personalized content and deliver it seamlessly across channels such as print, mobile and desktop web, SMS and social media.

Personalization Engine (Marketing)
Personalized Landing Pages

One-to-One Communications

Broadcast outbound messages to prospects and customers across all four major marketing channels from one platform – with a click of the mouse!


One-to-One Targeting

Slice, dice and merge segments with the best–in–class profiling and target selection tools at your fingertips.

Our sophisticated Target management tools help marketers ensure that the right messages get to the right audience on the right channel at the right time.

Advanced Segmentation
Automated Marketing Workflows
Profile-based Activity Tracking
CRM Connections

One-to-One Reporting

Track everything and make sense of everything. Surprised?

All to often applications forget that reporting needs to be powerful, yet easy-to-understand. We deliver on that promise – pulling all your marketing results together smartly and beautifully.

Reporting & Analytics
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