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Intelligent Mail Overview

As any experienced direct mailer knows, nothing is more frustrating than waiting for the mail to arrive... Counting down the days and weeks until it is delivered to its destination. During this time period marketers often fret, concerned there was an error during fulfillment, unsure of an offer's performance, waiting for those results to start coming in.

For bulk-rate business mail, oftentimes delivery dates can vary nationwide by as much as two weeks, adding uncertainty, frustration, and concern about results to date. Fortunately those days are over, as real-time postal tracking for first-class and bulk mail has finally arrived, and is currently available in the Easypurl.com cross-media suite.

Easypurl.com has partnered with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to offer Postal Tracking using Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs). The IMB is the next generation of USPS® barcode technology used to sort and track letters and flats. IMB technology combines the capabilities of the POSTNET barcode and the PLANET Code® barcode into one unique barcode.

Using IMBs it's now possible to track mail movement and delivery throughout the United States. This exciting new technology acts as an individual tracking code for every piece of direct mail you send out, alerting you each time a mail piece is scanned — at each regional hub, down to the local post office. Based on this data we are able to track with extreme accuracy the exact date each mail piece arrives in-home.

Create, Generate & Track Intelligent Mail Barcodes

Easypurl.com gives mailers the ability to upload mailing lists and append them with IMBs, with minimal effort and at high speeds. As long as the IMBs are created within our platform, USPS sends us daily scan data that indicates each time a mail piece is passes through a USPS location. Based on the final scan at the local five-digit zip code or destination point Post Office, our software delivers real-time, accurate date of delivery data, based on the time of day a piece is scanned. The delivery date takes into account the day of the week and even date on the calendar, providing the 'in-home' or 'in-office' delivery date, with better than 99.5% accuracy. Using IMBs with your direct mail opens up a wealth of data and analytics that up until now was difficult if not impossible to obtain. Powerful reports include:

Postal Tracking in Cross Media Campaigns

Don't forget, Easypurl.com is a true multi-channel marketing platform with multiple features and services in addition to IMBs. It should therefore come as no surprise that you're able to use IMBs in conjunction with our other services to achieve much more effective and measurable marketing results for each and every Direct Mail campaign.

Let's say, for example, you would like to run a direct mail campaign for a list that also contains email addresses for some or all of your recipients. Using Easypurl.com, it's possible to generate IMBs and PURLs for the same list. Now, when the mail goes out USPS alerts us in real time each time a mail piece has been delivered.

Based on this data, we can automatically send out a Triggered Email message to each recipient within a specific time frame from the delivery date supplied by the Post Office. This coordinated one-two marketing punch has been demonstrated to boost response rates by as much as 40 percent for that portion of the list that includes email addresses.

Now think of the many possibilities and their implications on direct-response marketing. Instead of sending the email to the recipient, the system could be coordinated to send an email to a call center, alerting phone sales people to follow up with a call that very same evening! Imagine how that would impact campaign results.

The Easypurl.com Marketing Automation Platform can also be set up to interact with our EasyCRM (our own Customer Relationship Manager), as well as with Salesforce.com using our bi-directional data integration. Using this connectivity, delivery info can be automatically transferred into the CRM so sales professionals can use this valuable real-time information in their follow-up.


Tracking your Direct mail campaigns just got easier with Intelligent Mail Barcodes. Now Easypurl.com can deliver that data alongside the results of your campaigns – and can leverage real-time delivery information to help increase web-response rates.

So now all your Direct Mail campaigns, whether First Class or Standard Bulk Business Rate, will have 'first class' data and reporting thanks to Easypurl.com.

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