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Marketing Automation

Segmentation, Lead Management and Drip Marketing

Use the data you have on customers and prospects to optimize marketing efficiency. Precisely segment groups of Targets – then leverage powerful trigger–based marketing automation to reach them with relevant messaging, at the right place, at the right time.

List Management/Segmentation

Our platform offers a powerful and robust repository where Targets are stored, tracked and managed. Store profile information about customers and prospects – as well as collect and measure their activity across your campaigns – and intelligently segment Targets accordingly to send them the right message, on any channel, at the right time.

Advanced Multi–Dimensional Segmentation

Segment Targets based on their profile data, known affiliations or interests and online activity and interactions with our powerful "List Builder" tool. Choose any combination of elements to extract the right audience for your marketing messages.

Dynamic Filters

As you learn more about your customers, your segments can grow. Dynamically filter your targets across multiple dimensions to automatically enter qualifying Targets into relevant marketing programs.

Customize your Messaging

Choose a segment for your marketing program – and then further customize your messaging as you vary your communications based on the Targets who are viewing it…ensuring that the right language and offers reach the right audience.

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Marketing Automation/Trigger Marketing

Guide the conversation with your customers with easy and powerful marketing automation features that make nurturing your leads through the sales cycle a breeze. Segment your Targets and customize the content and timing of your outbound marketing messages in response to inbound actions and online behaviors.

Advanced Segmentation

Determine the next step of a marketing program – or create a special offer – based on Target profile data, form submissions, or other interaction events with point–and–click ease.

Trigger or "Drip" Marketing

Schedule emails, social media messages, SMS, or other communications based on new activity, or Profile field updates. Every customer will feel like they are getting the right message at just the right time.

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Lead Management & Activity Tracking

With a single, centralized database, our Platform allows you to track and manage your leads from generation through conversion into life–long customers. Store profile information about customers and prospects – as well as collect and measure their activity across your campaigns – and then leverage it across channels to drive marketing efficiency.

Full workflow visibility

Track every interaction, page view, form response and more for each Target. Route and re–distribute leads, score activity, or prioritize follow–up with our powerful Lead Management utility.

Lead Scoring

Help Sales and Marketing prioritize their pipeline with our Lead Scoring features. Place values on profile information and user activity in our platform – and get visibility over when "qualified" leads are ready to engage in a purchase conversation.

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CRM Integration & API

Have your own CRM that you use? No problem! With our powerful out–of–the–box support for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others – and our available API – we can send information to and from just about any database.

Push to, and Pull from, the CRM you may already have

With bi–directional communication with your CRM platform, you can pull profile information into our platform – and push information about Target activity back out.

Bring Our Data into Your CRM

By sending inbound and online user activity to your CRM system, you get a complete perspective of how your leads and contacts are engaging with your marketing programs.

Web Services API

Have our platform in mind for a custom solution that you are developing? Seamlessly integrate third-party applications and unlock more functionality from our platform using our available API integration toolkit.

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