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Personalized URLs & QR Codes

Generate One-to-One Links for your Targets

With our unique personalization engine, marketers can finally deliver unique, relevant experiences for each Target on a one-to-one basis. Create compelling, highly personalized messaging to foster brand loyalty and drive campaign revenue - with point-and-click ease.

Unique Personalized URLs

A Personalized URL is a unique and personalized Web address created especially for each Target customer or prospect who receives your marketing communication. Personalized URLs contain the recipient’s name inside a Web address reserved exclusively for them — creating a truly personal and engaging experience. Think of it as a concierge service for your prospects or customers.

A PURL for Every Target

Generate Personalized URLs for each Target in your database. Use the PURLs you create as a platform for personalized, life-long communication with your audience – where you can push information relevant to your customers, and then measure how they interact with it. Learn More

Their Name, Your Brand

Generate PURLs for Targets on your Company domain – creating a web page reserved exclusively for them, where they can receive personalized communication that maintains your brand experience.

Fast and Powerful

Generate hundreds of thousands of PURLs whenever you need to – in seconds, and from anywhere.

Additional Security Available

Optionally include security codes for any PURL to protect any personally identifiable or private information.

Set it and forget it

Host your PURLs using our exclusive technology on a domain name that is meaningful to you. All you need to do is own the domain – and we will host your PURLs and take care of the rest.

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Variable QR Codes

A QR ("Quick Response") code, when scanned by a phone, can open a web link, dial a phone number, view a map location, download an application, and more. With our personalization technology, you can use QR codes to engage your Targets with unique and personal offers – no matter the device.

A QR Code for Every Target

Each Target in your database can receive personalized QR codes that are unique to them, and drives them towards the right message.

Fast and Powerful

Generate QR codes of any size to include in any of your campaigns – in seconds, and from anywhere.

Simplify engagement from mobile devices

No need to enter in complex URLs on a tiny smartphone screen. With variable QR codes, Targets are just a Snap away from engaging with your marketing program.

Proprietary, Lightweight Font

Our unique technology creates QR Codes using a proprietary, lightweight font – allowing you to incorporate Mobile in your campaigns without the need to deal with large image files.

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