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We are Easypurl, the leading provider of integrated multichannel marketing solutions and services to the marketing service provider industry.

Easypurl was founded in 2006 with a mission to transform the direct marketing industry by helping marketers take advantage of the technology innovation of the Internet age with marketing software and services that offer Personalized URLs, landing pages, email, intelligent mail barcodes (IMB) and more.

Easypurl’s vision is rooted in the idea that marketers must contend with both established and emerging technologies – and meet the challenge of engaging customers and prospects across the web, email, social media, online and offline events, mobile devices and a variety of other channels. Marketers need to interact seamlessly with their customers across these channels, and they need data and analytic insights to understand where and how to optimize their efforts for maximum return.

Easypurl builds the 1:1 integrated marketing software that makes this possible, effective, and Easy.

Staffed by seasoned direct response professionals, Easypurl has grown over the last six years to become one of the leading application and service providers in the marketplace. Still, we remain true to our original vision and are proud of our progress. We continue to pursue mission of making integrated marketing easy – with hundreds of clients and thousands of users trusting our technology to enable tens of thousands of campaigns.

Easypurl.com is a wholly owned by multichannel technology specialist Indros Group, which has been providing direct response marketing services for over a decade, and has offices in North America and in India. Easypurl.com is a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the Digital Printing Initiative (PODi), Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (PIA/GATF), and the Digital Solutions Cooperative (DSCOOP).

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