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One–to–One Marketing in the Retail Industry

Retailers strive to maintain ongoing relationships with customers in between store visits. With Easypurl’s marketing automation, you can now keep the conversation going and strengthen customer lifetime value.

Easypurl has enabled one–to–one conversations with customers for some of the nation’s most prominent retailers– and with our familiarity with best practices and proven solutions, the same marketing capabilities can be at your fingertips.

Sustaining Relationships Between Purchases with One–to–One Marketing

By utilizing one–to–one marketing to present unique, personalized messages to the customers in their databases, retailers can drive repeat purchases on the channels customers use to make purchasing decisions: their computers, their phones, and their social media pages.

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Discover how stores such as Best Buy, Ebay, Radio Shack and more leverage their customer information together with Easypurl’s technology to enable personalized offerings such as concierge service pages, personalized online storefronts and shopping guides, and more.

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