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One–to–One Marketing in the Nonprofit Industry

The recent past has been one of unprecedented challenges for nonprofits. As a result of an aging population and the economic woes of the last years, there are now fewer donors, making smaller gifts. With no end to this competitive fundraising environment in sight, it is more important than ever for nonprofits to solicit donations effectively and efficiently – and one–to–one marketing can give nonprofits an edge in the competition for donors’ mindshare.

Easypurl has orchestrated personalized communications for associations, charitable organizations, religious institutions, political campaigns, and more throughout this historic climate – and has provided a range of efficient, effective personalized fundraising campaigns and donor portal solutions.

Boosting Repeat Donations for Nonprofits with PURLs and Marketing Automation

Having powered hundreds of campaigns for nonprofits over the years, we are familiar with popular strategies and tactics –– as well as with best practices –– in delivering fundraising appeals that meaningfully engage with donors such as membership drives, seasonal pledge drives, capital campaigns and others.

Want to See the Results?

Discover how some of the nation’s largest and most successful nonprofit organizations use Easypurl’s personalization and marketing automation technology to create donor portals that feature relevant, targeted appeals and reinforce emotional connections – and help nonprofits meet their fundraising goals.

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