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One–to–One Marketing in the Education Industry

Higher Education is as at its most competitive – and it looks like the fight for a dwindling pool of resources will only get more intense. With tuitions skyrocketing, university budgets shrinking, and the number of college–bound students at zero–growth, higher education in both public and private settings need results.

Easypurl’s marketing automation and personalization technology helps deliver these results –– enabling one–to–one marketing messages that reinforce relationships with prospective and current students, as well as with alumni and donors.

Integrated Marketing for Education Marketers

With some knowledge of best practices and familiarity with one–to–one marketing strategies, you can enhance marketing outcomes with offers that drive student applications, student enrollment, donations and more.

Ready to Take Notes?

Learn how some of the world’s most successful education institutions orchestrate compelling offers by combining personalization technology and marketing automation to deliver unique, personalized offers and appeals that make the most out of their marketing dollars.

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